Maurits Olijve

Managing Director Accenture

Maurits is a Managing Director with Accenture Strategy and the Accenture Strategy lead for Financial Services in The Netherlands. He is responsible for managing and building the group’s strategy capabilities in banking, insurance and capital markets, ensuring the team lives up to the ultimate goal of helping clients define and implement winning strategies, created by innovation and digital technology in the financial services industry.  He joined Accenture in January 2001 as an analyst and has built his career working in retail, private, business and corporate banking. In the aftermath of 2008 Maurits supported banks at a pivotal period in their existence in restructuring their businesses. In recent years, he has supported banks in finding and executing a strategic response to the impact of innovation and disruptive change on their businesses.  Finding a meaningful and sustainable role for banks appropriate for today’s and future economy and society has been a key motivational driver. This has involved him in Qredits, a microfinance foundation in the Netherlands, as part of Accenture’s corporate citizenship program, and in leading the Accenture Financial Services Innovation Awards 2014.  He has an MSc in Economic Sciences from the University of Groningen. When not at work, he is passionate about basketball and spending time with his family.

Maurits Olijve
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