Michelle Winsor

Michelle has prowess as a strategist, advisor, and systematic problem solver with nuanced experiences navigating the complexities of business growth in the 21st century. As an innovative entrepreneur, visionary, thinking partner, and advisor, Michelle Winsor has been relentlessly pursuing her dream of breaking down barriers to employment, growth in business and the access to affordable technology. She is passionate about inclusivity and fair competition. After consulting for some of the largest financial companies in North America, she founded Accelera; a company that aims to revolutionize the financial world. Accelera is Michelle’s embodied passion to make technology flexible and accessible to businesses of all sizes. She believes in the power of creating an inclusive ecosystem of people, communities, and businesses through the collective will of organizations that have a desire to grow and build together for the future. Her powerful analytical mind, empathic leadership skills and resourcefulness drives Michelle to create extraordinary results.