Teunis Brosens

Teunis Brosens is ING’s Head Economist for Digital Finance and Regulation. As an economist with affinity for IT and digital topics, he followed digital currencies at early stages. He is an experienced speaker and known for explaining difficult financial-economic topics and their relevance in an accessible and entertaining way. More generally, Teunis researches the impact of digital finance and innovation trends (such as the increasing importance of data, platforms, digital currencies, blockchain and others) on banks and the broader economy. He likes to view these developments through an economist’s lens, assessing impacts via credit, money, balance sheets and regulation. Teunis also translates these trends into priorities for ING to discuss with policymakers, regulators and supervisors.

Before joining ING, Teunis worked with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Teunis holds MA degrees in both Economics and Philosophy of Science from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.