The Global Revolution of Open Banking – A Look at Mexico

Starting as an innovative regulatory disposition in the United Kingdom, in just a few years, Open Banking has become a revolutionary global movement. Considered one of the cures to current financial systems’ ails, rooted in its obsoleteness and a loss of touch with today’s realities, it promises to spark new…

Flower Power – Bringing Your Very Own Data Daisy To Life

Imagine a daisy – a small white flower – and I will paint a picture in your mind of what open data really means for an individual or for a small business in our open future. Imagine that you’re the yellow bit right at the very centre of the daisy,…

Putting the ‘rev’ in revolution

Two years ago, Open Banking was regarded by many as a typical compliance exercise championed only by a handful of FinTechs – more tech spend driven by compliance rather than business case or customer need. This is no longer the case. Banks have very firmly moved from viewing Open Banking as…

Insight: Faith Reynolds

The great potential of Open Banking lies in the possibility of genuinely delivering for consumers while still achieving commercial objectives. It’s now much easier to get suitable, engaging products to consumers more quickly and cheaply than it has been in the past. Events, like Forgerock’s Open Banking Hackathon and the…

Irina Tsyganok, Lloyds Banking Group

Opinion: Irina Tsyganok, Lloyds Banking Group

Open Banking Engineering Lead at Lloyds Banking Group spoke with Open Banking Expo Magazine on API’S, Open Banking and all the technical jargon in-between.   Open Banking is an unprecedented disruptor in the financial industry, at the core of which lie data sharing and customer-centricity. Both concepts are complex, requiring…

Christoph Rieche, iwoca

Three reasons why Open Banking can unleash small business lending

iwoca co-founder and chief executive officer, Christoph Rieche, spoke with Open Banking Expo Magazine on the future of business lending through the eyes of Open Banking.

Opinion: Nick Harrison, Director, first direct

first direct’s Nick Harrison spoke to Open Banking Expo Magazine about his hopes and fears (and everything in between!) for Open Banking in 2019.

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