Q&A: BBVA’s Ana Climente Alarcon on transformation and collaboration in Canada

Ellie Duncan,
16 May 2023

Ana Climente Alarcon, head of Open Banking at BBVA Spain, explains “a circle of trust with the customer” is critical for Open Banking and the transformation journey that needs to happen in Canada.

1. What, in your opinion, is the most critical piece of the Open Banking puzzle?

The most critical piece of Open Banking is, without doubt, to create a circle of trust with the customer.

For that purpose, it’s key to put innovation at the customer’s disposal. On one hand, by bundling offers from different providers and, on the other, by completely overhauling our value proposition to offer solutions to the real, vital needs of people and business goals of businesses.

Ana Climente

BBVA Spain’s Ana Climente Alarcon

2. Who stands to benefit the most from the successful delivery of the roadmap?

Customers have changed and their needs are evolving at great speed. In this context, the big challenge is to be able to respond to them by first transforming yourself as a company.

This transformation journey is not only a matter of technology investment, it implies changing the company’s mindset, culture and ways of working.

And in this internal transformation process of an organization, collaboration with the fintech ecosystem is essential – it is a means of long-term survival and competitiveness.

3. What are you most excited for at Open Banking Expo Canada?

2023 should be pivotal for the implementation of Open Banking in Canada. Big challenges and opportunities lie ahead for industry members and new players.

OBExpo is an excellent event where banks, fintechs and other actors come together to share their insights and experiences. It’s a pleasure to be taking part!

Ana Climente Alarcon is presenting an international use case for Open Banking in a presentation called ‘Building a go-to-market motion for Open Banking’, at Open Banking Expo Canada on June 15, in Toronto. Find out more about the agenda here and register for tickets here.