Q&A: Nicole Kramer of Greenomy explains why collaboration is needed to tackle climate change

Ellie Duncan,
30 Aug 2022

Nicole Kramer, sustainability analyst at Greenomy, reveals why industry players should be ready to collaborate with green fintechs to address the climate crisis, and what she is looking forward to hearing discussed at the Open Banking Expo Europe Confex in September.

1. What is of note, in your view, on this year’s Open Banking Expo Europe agenda? 

Given the current geopolitical backdrop, rising climate change risks, and the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be interesting to tune into those sessions that will look at the future of European financial services and to hear perspectives on this from different key stakeholders.

2. What makes your panel stand out from the rest?

Our panel brings in the fintech and, more importantly, the green, climate and sustainability perspective.

3. What unique perspective will you bring to the conversation?

Our unique perspective is ESG and sustainability, and how innovative solutions can drive change.

Greenomy’s Nicole Kramer

4. Why is your topic for discussion important?

Climate change is here, and we must act now. Green fintechs and regtechs are here to help and interrupt the status quo. It’s important that all stakeholders incorporate ESG, sustainability and overall climate issues into their operations and supply chains. While this area is already moving fast and the increasing number of sustainable finance regulations present challenges, green fintechs can help to meet and tackle those challenges.

5. What is the key message you want to leave the audience with?

Industry players should be open to innovation and collaboration, especially with green fintech players, to help them to accelerate ESG and sustainable finance progress. This is about managing climate change and the faster we can have stakeholders submit measurable ESG data, the easier it’ll be for the financial sector to allocate capital towards them, boost the real economy and make it more sustainable.

Kramer is speaking on the panel session ‘Green fintech: Helping customers become conscious consumers’ at Open Banking Expo Europe, which takes place on 30 September 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with headline partner Token. Click here to view the agenda in full and get your tickets, which are free for qualifying individuals.