Amazon Pay offers Affirm’s ‘Adaptive Checkout’ to US merchants

Ellie Duncan
08 Jun 2023

US merchants offering Amazon Pay will be able to add Affirm’s flexible payment options to their checkout.

Casper, USA Berkey Filters and UltraSabers are among the US-based merchants that have already integrated Affirm’s ‘Adaptive Checkout’ payment option within Amazon Pay.

The payment network’s Adaptive Checkout tool offers bi-weekly and monthly pay-over-time options side-by-side at checkout.

Those Amazon Pay customers who select this payment option are taken through a real-time approval process, with no impact on their credit score, and if approved, can use it to pay for purchases over $50.

Customers are shown the total cost of their purchase and will never pay more than they agree to upfront, and will not be charged late or hidden fees, the companies confirmed.

Omar Soudodi, director of Amazon Pay, said: “We know customers want convenient and flexible payment options – whether they’re checking out on or using Amazon Pay.

“With Affirm on Amazon Pay, merchants can offer a pay-over-time option to their existing customers and have another way to reach new customers.”

Merchants already using Affirm have reported 60% higher average order values, while approximately 88% of purchases made via Affirm are repeat customers.

Digital wallets are expected to account for over half of ecommerce transactions worldwide by 2025, according to Libor Michalek, president of Affirm.

“By integrating Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout, thousands of merchants can offer their customers personalized payment options and increased spending power through Amazon Pay’s convenient and secure checkout experience,” Michalek added.

Affirm recently expanded its partnership with financial infrastructure platform Stripe, to Canada, making Adaptive Checkout available to merchants and platforms in the country.

Earlier this year, travel search engine KAYAK, which is based in the US, partnered with Affirm, to be able to offer holidaymakers more flexible payment options when they checkout.