Credit Karma teams up with Bud

Ellie Duncan
16 Apr 2021

Credit monitoring and building platform Credit Karma has partnered with data provider Bud to provide its UK customers with access to better financial products.

The partnership will see Credit Karma use Bud’s Open Banking data aggregation and intelligence platform to help its members find financial products that better suit their needs and to manage their bills more efficiently with the use of in-app switching services.

Ziad El Baba, general manager, Credit Karma UK and Canada, said: “Having one’s financial information in a single destination empowers consumers to make smarter financial decisions.

“This partnership enables Credit Karma to better help our consumers to make financial progress and provides our members with greater transparency into financial products they qualify for.”

Credit Karma, which has more than 120 million members across the UK, Canada and the US, entered the UK market following the 2019 acquisition of Noddle.

Bud’s platform is already used by a number of fintechs, as well as HSBC in the UK and ANZ in New Zealand, to power new features in their apps and to enable the delivery of more personalised financial services.

Ed Maslaveckas, Bud’s CEO, added: “There hasn’t been this much societal change over such a short period in living memory.

“We’re seeing a unique set of problems in the financial sector that are emerging at incredible speed and which all have one thing in common – you solve them with better data portability, better insight and more transparency. Without that, you don’t have a chance of addressing them.”