David Beardmore joins Raidiam from UK’s OBIE

Ellie Duncan
01 Feb 2023

David Beardmore has joined Raidiam as ecosystems development director, having previously worked at the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE).

He took up his new role at Raidiam, which creates data sharing ecosystems, on 9 January 2023.

At the OBIE, where his role had the same title, Beardmore engaged with all stakeholders and promoted the development of Open Banking use cases.

David Beardmore

David Beardmore, ecosystems development director, Raidiam

Beardmore said he joins Raidiam “at a critical time” in the development of Open Data initiatives globally.

“Raidiam has been at the forefront of pioneering technologies and standards to enable secure data sharing for the benefit of all involved,” he said.

“I’ve long admired their expertise and world-leading credentials and I look forward to being part of their next chapter as more countries look to them for ecosystem implementation and design advice.”

Barry O’Donohoe, Raidiam’s co-founder and COO, said the addition of Beardmore “further bolsters Raidiam’s ability to keep flying the flag for the UK’s thought leadership in this area as the sector undergoes governance changes”.

“The role we have played in exporting UK expertise has only grown as we continue to be called upon by governments around the world to develop smart data sharing ecosystems,” O’Donohoe added.

“David will further strengthen our voice, promoting the benefits of Open X in unlocking a world of possibilities for countries, consumers and businesses.”

Watch Raidiam’s O’Donohoe speaking at Open Banking Expo Canada in Toronto last year about the elements required for an Open Banking ecosystem to flourish.