FriendlyScore announces brand transformation

18 Oct 2022

London-based account information service provider (AISP) and analytical software company FriendlyScore has announced a new brand identity.

On the company’s website, Planky, as it is now known, said “we’re still the same highly committed team that’s here to make accessing and verification of account information as easy, simple and secure as always”.

By expanding the scope of traditional credit risk assessments, Planky offers data aggregation services and bank account analytics for retail and business. It enables borrowers to make more financially inclusive lending decisions and provides a more secure way of accessing customers’ financial account information and making verified payments, using Open Banking.

Planky operates where Open Banking is available. The firm says it offers PSD2 connectivity to all major banks, and can enrich existing account transaction data or provide insights into an organisation’s financial performance via predictive analytics.

This year Planky is among event partners of the Open Banking Expo UK taking place in London’s Business Design Centre on Thursday, 20 October.