Lloyds Bank and Yoti unveil free digital identity app in the UK

Ellie Duncan
02 Oct 2023

Lloyds Bank-backed Yoti has launched a digital identity app with the bank, called ‘Lloyds Bank Smart ID’.

In March this year, Lloyds Banking Group invested £10 million in digital identity company Yoti to support the development of a reusable digital identity proposition.

Lloyds Bank Smart ID has been designed to enable individuals to share specific information with businesses who request it – such as name, date of birth or an ‘over 18’ proof of age – offering a more convenient way to prove identity or age from their phone.

The new app, which has been built using Yoti’s technology, removes the need to show physical identity documents or share “an excessive amount” of personal data.

It will be available as a free app to UK residents and will also be interoperable with other digital ID apps.

Yoti has previously launched the ‘Yoti ID’ and ‘Post Office EasyID’ apps which are accepted to pick up parcels at the Post Office and at cinemas to prove age. Last year, the apps were certified by the UK government as proof of identity for right to work, right to rent and criminal record checks.

Businesses that accept Yoti ID and EasyID will now also be able to accept Lloyds Bank Smart ID.

The three digital identity apps form a UK-based network of interoperable, “reusable” digital ID apps.

Robin Tombs, chief executive officer of Yoti, said: “Digital IDs transform the way we share our personal data, allowing us to only share the information a business needs, rather than showing a full identity document.

“Digital IDs can reduce identity theft, increase the security of our personal data, and create more trust between people and businesses. I’m delighted to have the UK’s largest bank accelerate the network of reusable Digital ID apps so even more people have the opportunity to take control of their digital identities.”

Lloyds Banking Group’s chief digital officer James Fulker, added: “Lloyds Bank Smart ID means UK consumers now have further access to secure, digital ways of proving their identity and it marks a significant milestone following our investment in Yoti.”

So far, downloads of the Yoti ID and Post Office EasyID apps have exceeded four million in the UK.

In a joint report published earlier this year, NatWest and National Australia Bank suggested that both the UK and Australia should consider embedding digital identity if they wish to successfully scale their respective Open Banking regimes.