National Bank of Canada renews longstanding CGI partnership

Ellie Duncan
26 Jan 2024

National Bank of Canada has renewed its partnership with CGI for another 10 years to help advance its digital transformation.

The long-term service agreement signed by CGI and National Bank of Canada strengthens the 20-plus year partnership between the two companies, which has seen CGI deliver banking insights, as well as a portfolio of services, including business consulting, project development, systems integration, and wealth and payment solutions.

Julie Levesque, executive vice president, technology and operations at National Bank of Canada, called CGI a “trusted partner” in financial services.

“We value CGI’s expertise and commitment to excellence that will play an important role in our ongoing efforts to meet the evolving needs of our clients and stay at the forefront of the financial services industry,” she said.

Under the new agreement, CGI will provide a range of technology services and solutions to enable the bank to enhance the client experience.

“We are delighted to continue our journey with National Bank of Canada,” added Michael Godin, CGI senior vice president, Greater Montréal.

“This agreement exemplifies the trust National Bank of Canada has in CGI’s capabilities and we look forward to bringing the best of CGI globally to help the bank accelerate its transformation.”

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