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Network B turns to Nordigen for financial data to power client loyalty programmes

10 Feb 2022

One of the UK leading loyalty platforms Network B will now be able to plug into Nordigen’s free Open Banking platform for raw transactional data as an alternative to card linking.

Network B’s expertise lies in the establishment and support of existing white-label and API-powered loyalty programmes. These programmes include reward sectors such as card-linked offers, affiliates, gift cards, employee benefits and closed-loop rewards schemes. Network B takes full control of all aspects of loyalty programmes, including user wallets, transaction processing, withdrawals, and customer communications.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO and co-founder of Network B Brad Blake said, “We are excited to be partnering with Nordigen and utilising their solution to provide our clients with more ways to connect to our service.”

Network B already utilises card-linked transaction tracking and will now expand to include Open Banking connections for users who would prefer this method.

“Open Banking is versatile and can span across various industries,” notes Nordigen’s co-founder and CEO Rolands Mesters. “When creating our platform, our goal was to democratise financial data and make it accessible to more companies to establish better connections with their users and further their services. We are glad to be seeing just that happen through partnerships such as this one with Network B.”

“We prioritise our users and their experience with our platform, and believe that Open Banking will make client onboarding easier across the board,” Blake added.

Nordigen has also recently announced partnerships with SME lending provider Spotcap to improve the lending services it can offer to SMEs and Software-as-a-Service investment platform Tapline to provide data on business accounts, transaction insights, risk analysis, and credit scoring, using Open Banking transactional data.