Open Banking Expo Canada launches quarterly meetups

Ellie Duncan
10 Jun 2021

Open Banking Expo Canada has launched free-to-attend quarterly meetups for the Open Banking community in Canada, with FDX managing director Don Cardinal taking part in a fireside chat at the first virtual meetup on 24 June.

For the first three meetings, Open Banking Expo Canada has teamed up with Ernst & Young LLP (EY Canada), to help shed light on unforeseen disruptors, emerging technologies and changing consumer preferences, with professionals from across the banks, credit unions, fintechs, regulators and BigTechs, invited to register.

The meetups will blend networking opportunities with thought-provoking panel debates, fireside chats with notable industry players and entertainment, to foster an environment in which innovators, disruptors and visionaries can share common goals, spark debate and spur innovation.

At the first meetup, the fireside chat with Cardinal will be followed by a panel debate that will highlight what an open future can look like in Canada, as well as the role of Bill C-11 and how it differs from the EU (GDPR), and Australia (CDR).

Among the confirmed speakers are Michelle Beyo, CEO and founder of Finavator and board director at Open Banking Initiative Canada, Abhishek Sinha, partner at EY, Hanna Zaidi, director at Wealthsimple and Hugh McKee, head of BMO Partners.

Adam Cox, managing director of Open Banking Expo, said: “We are delighted to launch a more regular series of events for our Canadian community to collaborate.

“Attendees at our annual flagship event said they wanted more opportunities to drive the conversation on consumer directed finance forward, and we are pleased to bring this to fruition. We look forward to facilitating the greatest wave of digital transformation in the financial services market.”

EY Canada Open Banking leader Sinha, added that new entrants, along with changing consumer expectations and next-gen business models are transforming the Open Banking market in Canada through innovation and competition.

“We’re happy to work with Open Banking Expo Canada to drive progress towards a digital future, while simultaneously improving the value creation opportunities of organisations and supporting a healthier, more financially empowered consumer base,” Sinha said.

Click here to view the program and register for the first meeting.