Open Banking Expo’s Women in Open Banking meet-up watched by 130 members worldwide

Ellie Duncan,
02 Mar 2023

The inaugural Open Banking Expo Women in Open Banking initiative meet-up, in partnership with American Express, welcomed 130 members in-person and online, as speakers from across the industry discussed leadership.

The Fireside Chat and panel discussion, which took place at the Science Gallery in London, were livestreamed to members located around the world, including Canada, Malta, Turkey, Spain, the US and Serbia.

The meet-up kicked off with a Fireside Chat between Holly Coventry, VP international Open Banking payments at American Express and Sendi Young, managing director at Ripple.

Coventry asked Young about her leadership development throughout her career and if there were any mistakes made or lessons learned that have stayed with her.

Young told Women in Open Banking members about her early career decisions and how these were influenced by her “core values”.

Sendi Young

Ripple’s Sendi Young

Attendees heard from Young about “demanding authenticity” from leaders, as well as how to overcome the “fear of failure” and dealing with “negative self-talk”.

Young also told members of the initiative about her own experiences as both a mentee and a mentor, and how to take advantage of mentoring opportunities.

Speaking to Open Banking Expo before the event, Young said she hoped that attendees would take away from her session the idea that “leadership starts with knowing and leading yourself”.

The Fireside Chat was followed by a panel discussion on leadership, moderated by Joy Macknight, editor at The Banker, before concluding with networking.

Visit the Women in Open Banking website to find out more about the initiative, register your interest and attend the next meet-up.