Starling and QuickBooks partner to enhance business banking marketplace

18 Dec 2019

Starling Bank today announced a newcomer for business to its growing marketplace with popular cloud-based platform QuickBooks added to the ranks.

The move will enable Starling’s 90,000 business account customers to link their bank account with Quickbooks and share data between the two.

Once paired with QuickBooks account holders will experience the convenience of having their accounts ledger updated automatically with each transaction they make.

Using QuickBooks will also guide Starling business customers into compliance with the Government’s new Making Tax Digital system, as well as give them access to VAT SmartScan™, which scans VAT returns for commonly made errors. And like Starling, QuickBooks offers free customer support, 24/7.

“Now both QuickBooks and Starling users have the chance to auto-sync, enabling an even faster and easier way for them to reconcile their business accounts and make better informed, real-time, business choices,” said QuickBooks UK Head of Product Shaun Shirazian.

Starling CEO Anne Boden said customers had been “urging” the bank to add Quickbooks integration and that the partnership would give “power back to our customers by letting them use their own data to make better business choices”.

As part of Starling’s public commitments it made for its grant of £100m from the Banking Competition Remedies (BCR) fund in February, the bank pledged to launch 48 new partners on its Marketplace for businesses.