Stripe to power bank payments for Airbnb guests

Ellie Duncan
19 May 2023

San Francisco-based financial infrastructure platform Stripe is working with Airbnb to provide guests with the option to pay for their stay with a linked bank account.

It means that Airbnb guests with a US bank account will be able to use Stripe Financial Connections to instantly add their bank account as a payment method, removing the need to re-enter their details for every booking.

Once their details are saved, guests can use Stripe’s native one-click checkout, Link, to make payments.

With Link, Airbnb guests can check out faster using bank details saved from previous purchases, according to Stripe.

“We are excited to partner with Stripe to provide our guests with more options to pay for their travel, including paying by bank with Link,” said Dave Stephenson, chief financial officer at Airbnb.

Mike Clayville, chief revenue officer at Stripe, added: “Anyone who’s made a booking on Airbnb knows how great the experience is.

“For guests who want to pay using their bank account, we’re thrilled to partner with Airbnb to offer bank payments as an option that’s just as fast and convenient as anything else.”

Recent research by Stripe conducted among 2,500 business leaders from nine countries found that nearly two-thirds of businesses agreed that online payments have created new ways to make money.

The 2023 Insights Report also revealed that 71% said that their customers’ expectations for the smoothness of the checkout experience are rising.

A partnership between Microsoft and Stripe, revealed earlier this month, enables North American businesses with a Microsoft Teams subscription to accept payments on the platform.

It gives meeting hosts the ability to accept real-time card payments during or after virtual events, classes and appointments.