Temenos unveils micro apps for hyper-personalised user experiences

15 Jul 2021

Temenos has unveiled a micro app proposition for banks, allowing them to develop tailored digital customer experiences.

Temenos Infinity Micro Apps have been designed to support shorter development cycles, targeted personalised experiences and reduce time-to-market.

These will make it easier for banks to add, remove or configure various functionalities in digital user experiences and tailor them for specific demographics.

Temenos Infinity, which is used by over 650 financial institutions, has developed these apps as banks are continually having to modify and improve their mobile apps.

“Banks understand that people crave simplicity in banking but the one size fits all approach doesn’t work in digital,” said Joaquin de Valenzuela Muley, senior vice president and global business line director at Temenos Infinity.

“Giving banks the building blocks to create the ideal digital banking experiences at hyper-speed. With Temenos Infinity Micro Apps banks can target the right experience to the right customers. For example, a family app needs a different experience from private banking app or one for business owners.”