Mastercard global Open Banking solutions: Empowering financial freedom

14 May 2024

Mastercard is at the forefront of the Open Banking revolution in key markets around the world, dedicated to creating financial solutions that are accessible to all. Our holistic commitment is to transform how financial data and services are accessed and used, making everyday financial decisions easier for consumers and businesses alike.

The three pillars of Mastercard’s Open Banking Framework

Mastercard’s global Open Banking strategy is built on three fundamental pillars — Innovation, Trust and then Inclusion. Each of these pillars plays a crucial role in ensuring that financial services are not only accessible, but also secure and forward-thinking.

  1. Inclusion: At the heart of Mastercard’s global Open Banking solutions is the promise of inclusion. By providing customers with real-time, enriched data, Mastercard ensures that innovative solutions are within reach for everyone. This commitment helps demystify financial services, making them more straightforward and secure, which is essential for fostering wider financial inclusion.
  2. Trust: Mastercard has become a trusted name in helping businesses manage security, risk, and compliance. Our deep-rooted expertise in safeguarding client data sets us apart in the Open Banking ecosystem, where trust is paramount.
  3. Innovation: Innovation is the driving force behind Mastercard’s global Open Banking solutions. Through our extensive network and comprehensive consulting services, Mastercard delivers unmatched value and impactful solutions to their customers. This pillar highlights Mastercard’s role as not just a participant but as a global leader in the financial industry’s evolution.

Discover more about our approach based on inclusion, trust, and innovation, and how it can help shape a better financial future for businesses and consumers. We look forward to seeing you at Open Banking Expo Canada on June 11.

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