Credit management provider Sergel integrates Trustly pay-ins

Ellie Duncan
25 Aug 2023

Credit management service provider Sergel has partnered with global Open Banking payments platform Trustly, enabling its users to manage regular payments and to pay off debt in instalments.

With Trustly pay-ins installed on Sergel’s platform, consumers can digitally sign-up for direct debit, and choose to make payments in instalments, rather than a lump sum.

The digital onboarding process reduces the likelihood of mandate failures, while Trustly’s solution also helps users of Stockholm-based Sergel avoid defaults and the subsequent costs associated with reminder fees.

Olof Wirfelt, chief commercial officer at Trustly, said: “I am delighted that Trustly is now available as a payment method for Sergel’s users.

“With Trustly’s easy, fast, and secure way to pay, end-consumers are able to set up recurring payment schemes to create the best payment plans for their individual situation.”

“Sergel always strives to find the best solutions for our customers and with Trustly’s solution we can offer easy, fast and cost-effective instalments,” added Anna Daag, product manager at Sergel.

“I am glad we can offer our users this game-changing option which allows them to better manage their payments, which ultimately leads to more sustainable financial solutions.”

At the start of 2023, Trustly closed its acquisition of Open Banking payments platform Ecospend, giving Trustly a presence in the UK.

So far this year, Trustly has revealed a number of partnerships, including with APEXX Global and Bokadirekt.