Moneyhub launches pensions dashboard alpha sandbox

Ellie Duncan
01 Apr 2022

UK-based open data platform and alpha partner to the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP), Moneyhub, has launched an alpha sandbox to demonstrate to pension providers how pensions dashboards could work.

The launch comes ahead of the April 2023 deadline, when it will become mandatory in the UK for pension providers to make their data available to dashboards.

Moneyhub is collaborating in the PDP alpha phase, which runs through to the summer of 2022.

Dave Tonge, chief technology officer at Moneyhub said: “To support organisations in understanding how pensions dashboards could work for them, from both end-user and technical perspectives, we’ve launched a public alpha sandbox.

“As well as learning about the Moneyhub solution, the sandbox will help organisations comply with and benefit from pensions dashboards.”

Moneyhub said it has released the sandbox due to “high demand” from pension providers, master trusts, and employee benefits consultancies, as they decide whether to build a dashboard themselves.

“Providers are considering how to address this opportunity, with already stretched technology teams. Licencing Moneyhub’s solutions could enable them to easily offer their customers a dashboard,” added Tonge.

Moenyhub’s dashboard service, which is still being built, will allow savers to export their data. It can also be customised and fully integrated with clients’ existing platforms, apps and tools, or clients can use Moneyhub’s Open Finance APIs to build their own front-end solution.

Alongside Moneyhub, Bud and Aviva were selected by the UK’s PDP in December last year, to take part in the initial testing phase.