Visa and EQ Bank join Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization board

Ellie Duncan
06 Apr 2023

Representatives from Visa Canada and EQ Bank have joined the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization’s (CPPO’s) board of directors.

Brian Weiner, vice president, head of product and digital at Visa Canada will sit on the board, and EQ Bank will be represented by Kartik Kamat, vice president, payments and digital banking analytics.

Visa is a new addition to the board of the non-profit organisation, while EQ Bank is a longstanding member and has previously had a seat on the board.

Jennifer Tramontana

CPPO executive director Jennifer Tramontana

“Prepaid is the innovation platform of choice to quickly launch new and innovative digital payments and banking solutions into the market, using existing payment rails,” said Jennifer Tramontana, co-founder and executive director of CPPO.

Also new to the CPPO in 2023 is REV Prepaid, which is a full-service provider of financial solutions and capital management tools.

“We are excited to have the support of Visa, EQ Bank and REV Prepaid, as we advocate on behalf of the ever-expanding Canadian prepaid market that continues to support the needs of more consumers and businesses,” she added.

CPPO is the collective voice of the $9 billion prepaid payments industry in Canada and its members include issuing banks, networks, fintechs, program managers, processors and service providers.

Last year, CPPO’s Tramontana was a guest on the Open Banking Expo Unplugged podcast, discussing the growth of Canada’s prepaid market and how it compares to the prepaid space in the US – listen to the episode here.