Europe and the Open Banking phenomenon

The single biggest lever for achieving success in Open Banking will be in finding the use cases and experiences that add value for customers and drive adoption.

Cracking the innovation nut with Equinix

At the Open Banking Expo Magazine Breakfast Briefing held in partnership with Equinix in London in July, there was little doubt that innovation – or the lack of it – was on the panellists’ minds.

The best of Europe

Which countries are home to the most compelling commercial launches and how are EU-wide regulatory changes influencing development at country level?


While regulation can be credited with driving the speed of development of Open Banking in the UK, concerns lurk that more rules will follow.

Due North: Is Canada ready for Open Banking?

With a government consultation underway and the banking sector in the middle of payments modernisation, is the door open for Open Banking in the great white north?

Not about banking

As Open Banking evolves beyond apps that collate customer accounts, the incentives for customer adoption are becoming clearer. Joe McGrath looks at some of the innovators creating a buzz…

Big ambitions

Through lending and payments, the world’s technology giants have already taken a piece of the financial sector. But so far, they’ve stopped short of becoming fully-fledged banks. What’s holding them back, asks Joe McGrath. In Open Banking circles, the prospect of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA) entering the mainstream…

Better than banking

Better than banking?

Open Banking innovation is hitting the small business sector. Providers are forming partnerships with accountancy software providers and traditional banks to widen the options and offer much more than loans, Dippy Singh reports.   Tell any start-up that they don’t need to be innovative to succeed, and they will laugh…

The maturity of the UK lending market

The maturity of the UK lending market

Open access to customer risk data should mean better customer choice and safer lending decisions. How will that change the financial landscape in the coming years? Joe McGrath investigates.

Preventing fraud in an open data world

Preventing fraud in an open world

Throughout history fraudsters have been quick to exploit technological advances. Open Banking is no different. So how can organisations ensure they aren’t opening the door to criminal activity, asks Jennifer Turton… March 2019 may be the month that will be remembered for the Brexit deadline but, in the world of…

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