Q&A: SkyParlour’s Angela Yore on why storytelling in PR is about ‘education, not promotion’

Ellie Duncan
15 May 2023

Angela Yore, co-founder and managing director of SkyParlour, reveals the value of storytelling as a fintech marketing and communications specialist.

1. What are you most looking forward to about the meet-up in May?

I’m looking forward to soon be connecting with this fantastic community. It’s brilliant to have events like this in our diaries, providing the opportunity to align with some of the phenomenal women shaping the world of Open Banking, showcase the hard work being done by a diverse talent pool, and demonstrate exactly what we women are capable of!

2. In 20 words or less, what does it take to be an effective communicator?

Being clear, concise and passionate. Balance grabbing attention while ensuring what you’re saying can be easily understood.

Angela Yore

SkyParlour’s Angela Yore

3. How have you used your storytelling or negotiation skills during your career?

As a fintech marketing and communications specialist, my work is centred around storytelling. When my agency SkyParlour onboards a new client, we kick-off with a messaging workshop to nail down the story – what is the business’ product/service and why do their customers need it?

PR (when done properly) is about education, not promotion. We tell the story of a business, a product, a service, a spokesperson to capture stakeholder and customer attention. We translate complex concepts into something that is easily understandable and desirable.

4. What would you like attendees to take away from your session at the meet-up?

I’ll be discussing how women in Open Banking can leverage storytelling to succeed at the meet-up later this month, sharing tips on the value of effective communication for attendees wanting to build their personal brand.

Strong storytelling and communication are powerful tools, they can accelerate careers, build relationships and so much more.

Angela Yore is taking part in the panel session at the Women in Open Banking meet-up in partnership with American Express, on 23 May at 18.00 BST in London. To find out more about the agenda and register to attend as a member, click here.